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Porcelain fascinates me. It is not an easy material to work with, but its whiteness, purity and fragility are beautiful. When fired at high temperature, it becomes semi translucent and the glaze colours show through the body of the piece, like a fine quality canvas.

My tactile ceramics is made to be held, felt and used in the centre of people’s lives, and to provoke a sense of intimacy and awareness of touch. They are thrown, cast, carved, press moulded and high temperature fired porcelain.

Forms derive naturally from the making process and impressions of landscape in my mind; my childhood fields in Japan and the South Downs in Sussex, looking across from high vantage points. Glaze colours are developed and derived from nature’s seasons, countryside and memory, such as: autumn leaves, snow in winter, the early spring morning mist, moist green grasses and the dusk of the summer solstice.

My aim is to create a still life or landscape in the domestic environment: in other words, memory of landscape made tangible.